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How to Start a Web Design Business
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What you will get

Comprehensive WordPress Web Design Tutorial

With 9+ chapters of video content, the course covers everything you need to transform your workflow with your web design business. I will teach you how to become a full web design and developer using WordPress and AI to make work easier and faster.

An exercise project to practice what you learn

This project contains a lot of layout & dynamic content challenges, so it will be a real test of your abilities. After building a full website yourself, you have internalized the skills & knowledge, and are now a highly skilled Web Designer.

Access to a Private Community

After registering, you’ll be invited to a private group of admins and web designers and developers who are ready to support your project in case you get stucked. Inside you can discuss course materials, ask for feedback on your websites, and network with other web designers.

Comprehensive Outline


Introduction to the course
Who is this course for and everything you’ll learn.
How to get support and access to private group.
Certificate after the course.

Introduction to Web Design

Understanding the Landscape of Web Design Industry.
Identifying Market Opportunities and Niche Selection.
Legal Considerations and Business Registration Processes.
Ways to Make Money with Web Design & Development.

Fundamentals of Web Design

Domain Names
Hosting Servers
SSL Certificates
Content Management System (CMS)
Custom Emailsv Website Builders

Getting Started with WordPress

What is WordPress and Why Use WordPress?
Understanding WordPress.com vs WordPress.org
Setup WordPress Locally without Hosting
Creating your first WordPress site locally
Other Way to install WordPress Locally
Installing WordPress on a Web Host
WordPress Settings and Customization
Managing Users and Permissions
Understanding and Choosing Plugins
Choosing a Theme
Creating Posts vs. Pages
Creating Pages with Page a Builder
Website Navigation: Creating Website Menus
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Securing Your WordPress Site
Backing Up and Restoring Your WordPress Site
Advanced WordPress Techniques
Troubleshooting Common WordPress Issues

How to Create a Business Website

Intro to a Business Website
Create a Business Website

How to Create a Blog

Create a Blog

How to Create an Ecommerce Website

Create a Blog

Using AI to Develop Website

Best AI plugins to use in WordPress
AI Website Builders

Managing and Marketing Your Web Design Business

Building a professional portfolio website using WordPress
Marketing and Client Acquisition
Scaling Your Business and Diversifying Services
Legal and Ethical Considerations
Continuous Learning and Professional Development


Useful Resources
Sample Website Design Proposal

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Total Value: GHS 1799
Today's price: GHS 999
Course Certificate
After a successful training, we will honor you with a recognized web design and development certificate to prove that you have gone through a series of practicals and test. This certificate can be a great support in helping you find web design and development jobs.


Do you have questions?

No! This course is entirely focused on your web design skills and the web design process. While we cover your options when it comes to developing your website with no code tools.
Of course! If you’ll be able to both design & develop websites for clients, you’ll be able to provide more value.

Yes! We promise to keep the course updated for at least 2 years. When WordPress rolls out changes that are relevant to the course then we will update the course. 

Which is a big benefit compared to YouTube videos that cannot be replaced.

You will get lifetime access to the course. The course is connected to your account which means that you own it. So even if the videos are updated your account will automatically be updated as well.

The course starts on June 1st 2024 and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course – you decide when you start and when you finish.

Yes it is, this course is for beginners.It is okay if you have been playing around with WordPress, because after completing the course, it will give you more insight and experience to web design and development.

You can do that, I did that. But it was not very time efficient. This course is designed to help you turn your designs into working WordPress websites as fast as possible. You’ll save months of frustration and wasted time if you follow this course. So you should see it as a shortcut to help you build your web design career easily.

Sure, it’s best to learn how to deliver a good web design service and/or design before you go and sell your services as a freelancer.
Yes, following the workflow laid out in this course will significantly speed up your web building process. Enabling you to take on more clients and experience less late nights.

Please just drop your questions on our email info@iwademedia.com or call (+233) 0207077535,and we will answer as quickly as possible. Please give us an opportunity to call you back in case we miss your call. Thanks for understanding.


Upgrade Your Skills, Unlock Your Potential

Become a full time web design as a freelancer or work in multiple companies all from the comfort of your home. This web design skills will elevate you to make 6 to 7 figures every year. Looking for ways to skip your 9 to 5 work, then join us to bring your dream business online.
Additional FREE Packages Included
1 Year Domain & Hosting (value $60)

Premium Plugins (value $159)

Website Templates (value $139)

Business Proposal (value $69)
Total Value: GHS 1799
Today's price: GHS 999

Student Feedback

Emelia Blay
I joined the class via a link from an Instagram ad. I enjoyed every bit of the class. One thing I know is you are bound to learn faster.
Peter Mensah
It is this best online platform to learn web design. Thanks a lot, you upgraded my knowledge on website design.

Meet Your Instructor

Benjamin Anane-Asamoah

With over 15+ years of professional web design and mobile development experience with over 20,000+ YouTube subscribers, I’ve dedicated myself to empowering aspiring web designers to turn their passion into profit. And now, I’m excited to share my game-changing insights with you.

In today’s digital landscape, running a web design business has never been more promising, and WordPress is the ultimate ally in bringing your creative vision to life—without the need for extensive coding skills.

Having successfully sold countless websites with over 400+ clients worldwide, I’ve honed my workflow to perfection, adapting seamlessly with each evolution of the tool. Now, I’m ready to unveil my comprehensive A-Z blueprint for success.

Join me inside the course as I guide you through every step of the journey, from harnessing WordPress full potential to mastering the art of global efficiency. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned professional, this is your opportunity to elevate your skills and craft your future in web design and development.

Don’t miss out—let’s embark on this transformative journey together!

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